Working with a Great Realtor Before and Afters

I have the opportunity to work with a great realtor on the northern calfiornia coast. Not only is she fun and friendly, she sees the advantages for her and her clients in having professional images taken. I did a quick shoot of some exteriors for her this last week and I wanted to show some of the after and before shots.

Sometimes the subtle difference is what makes the photo. It can be the difference between 'OK' and 'I love it'. The real estate market can be a tough profession to be in, so it's a good idea to have as many tools in your belt when meeting with potential clients.

The challenge for the shot below, was the color of the interior. The warm wood threw a color cast over everything turning the room into the orange mess you see in the before pic. With some patience and proper lighting, I managed to get the walls closer to the actual off-white that is in the room. Can you imagine this view every evening?